Rental Information


What do I need to do to find available housing?rental-information-1

  • Contact your Path Coordinator at Community Living Services (CLS) within the Department of Disabilities of Clark County to let them know your housing needs
  • If you are new to the area or not connected with Developmental Disabilities of Clark County contact 937-328-2675

What happens after I talk to my Path Coordinator?

  • Path Coordinator will add your name to the “Individual Housing Request” form (IHR)
  • Your Path Coordinator will talk with you about available housing through Housing Connection and roommate options
  • Together you will come up with a plan to fit your needs

How can I make the process of finding a roommate easier?

  • Talk to your Path Coordinator: share your interests, likes and dislikes, are you okay with pets?
  • Your Path Coordinator will help you plan activities to meet potential roommates and get to know each other

How do I complete the placement process?rental-information-3

  • CLS will notify the Housing Coordinator at Housing Connection of your interest to rent a home and schedule a tour of available homes in your desired area
  • Housing Connection will prepare a lease packet and schedule a time to meet with you to sign the lease and receive the keys to your new home. Contact the Housing Coordinator at 937-525-7472