Tenant Spotlight

Providing the Foundation for Independent Supported Living

Community living is where the Housing Connection (HC) enters the picture of developmental disabilities care. We provide houses throughout the community that become homes for tenants with developmental disabilities. Our role is that of a caring and responsible landlord.

Here are some of the advantages of living in a Housing Connection home:

• HOUSING CONNECTION purchases or builds houses and adapts them to the individual needs of developmental disabilities tenants
• HOUSING CONNECTION provides professional 24/7 maintenance to promote the well-being of its tenants
• HOUSING CONNECTION, in conjunction with the Springfield Fire Department, conducts annual fire safety inspections to ensure a higher standard of protection for its tenants
• HOUSING CONNECTION establishes and collects rents that take into account the resources of its tenants

The inventory of HOUSING CONNECTION homes has grown to more than 45 properties since the first purchase in 1995. The number of homes provides the tenants a choice of living alone or the ability to have roommates.